About Us


UST-Mamiya and UST-Essx

UST Essx's parent company, UST Mamiya, has over 40 years experience in the design and manufacture of tubular products using many advanced composite materials. Today, we are truly a global organization with operations on four continents and sales in virtually every country in the world.

A large part of our sales are to OEMs in the golf and archery industries. Both of these industries demand extremely tight tolerances, impeccable quality, and a highly disciplined manufacturing structure. These are the same qualities we are dedicated to bringing to UST-Essx vaulting poles.

Improvement only comes from dedication to perfection, and our entire staff shares this commitment.

UST-Essx Advantage

The psychological barrier is the hardest vault for an athlete to make. What changes have to be made to compensate for variation between poles such as weight, bend profile and return? A vaulter has to adjust their speed, amount of force put into the pole, and timing. These factors prevent an athlete from focusing on performing at their highest level during competition. At UST-Essx we focus on designing our product so there is a smooth progression between poles.

What a vaulter looks for in a pole:

  • Light and consistent carry weight
  • Uniform bend
  • Minimal body shock
  • Greater percent return

At UST-Essx, we use hybrid composites to produce light-weight durable poles. We pre-bend our poles to reduce initial body shock and use symmetry to prevent pole twisting. We optimize bend profile for the greatest return.

Carbon Fiber Specialist

Carbon fiber provides the ability to fine tune stiffness due to the wide range of available properties. Carbon fiber provides large increases in stiffness with small increases in weight. At UST, we use over 100 different types of carbon in our tubular designs. The properties of carbon fiber allow us to manufacture lighter poles with a smaller handgrip.


UST Mamiya has over 40 years of experience working with carbon fiber tubular products. We are on the cutting edge of the advancements in the composite industry using aerospace grade materials. With the improvements in Finite Element Analysis (FEA), it is now possible to accurately predict how composite materials behave. With access to this technology, UST-Essx has been able to develop the Recoil and Recoil Advanced lines with unmatched performance and durability.

UST has advanced facilities and experienced craftsmanship in composite manufacturing processes. We have produced over 70 million composite tubes. Combining these facilities with UST-Essx craftsmanship allows us to produce a high quality and consistent product to give the athlete peace of mind.