UST-Essx - Flame Pole Tips

Long lasting and engineered for performance, we include the very best pole tip in the world with your pole! Our egg shaped pole tip is the secret. It is designed to pull the base of the pole away from the back of the box, creating a greater angle. This allows the pole to be flexed easier and results in the ability to use a stiffer pole.


Use coupon "ship-free" when ordering pole tips only.

Model Metric V Number Weight Price
V1-PVTIP 28 mm v18 to v14 120 lbs. or less $25.95 Add to Cart
V2-PVTIP 30 mm v15 to v9 130 to 145 lbs. $25.95 Add to Cart
V3-PVTIP 33 mm v8 to v5 145 to 165 lbs. $25.95 Add to Cart
V4-PVTIP 35 mm v4 to v5 165 to 180 lbs. $25.95 Add to Cart
V5-PVTIP 38 mm v3 to v2 180 to 220 lbs. $25.95 Add to Cart
V6-PVTIP 40 mm v1 to v0 200 lbs. + $25.95 Add to Cart
V65-PVTIP 41 mm v1 to v0 200 lbs. + $25.95 Add to Cart
V7-PVTIP 43 mm v1 to v0 200 lbs. + $25.95 Add to Cart
Please note: sizes and suggestions are estimated. Please measure the outside of your pole to ensure proper fit. In some cases you may need to add additional tape for a snug fit on other brand poles.
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