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Team ESSX wins Gold, Bronze at Worlds

Sam Kendricks, world number one, walks away with his first world championship victory while Venezuela’s Robeilys “Ruby” Peinado makes history by sharing third place with a second-time clearance at 4.65 meters at the IAAF World Championships in London. 

It was clear skies and clear sailing for Team USA’s Sam Kendricks, who showcased seemingly effortless consistency in route to a 5.95 clearance and once again besting fellow competitors and friends to win the gold medal, his 10th consecutive victory this year. Two days prior, Ruby Peinado surprised the track and field world by becoming the youngest ever women’s pole vault medalist and the first Venezuelan to earn a medal at the IAAF Championships. 

Kendricks, Peinado and vaulters around the world trust UST-ESSX’s Advanced Recoil carbon fiber poles, which utilizes UST Mamiya’s Recoil technology. This new innovative technology provides lighter, faster and more responsive performance than traditional fiberglass-based poles. Carbon fiber poles with Recoil technology offers vaulters lighter carry weight for faster runway speeds and smaller diameters for stronger grip and push-off power.


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