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ESSX is proud to offer our new Launch poles. ESSX looked at the progression of our Power-X poles and designed the Launch line from the ground up. Our engineers re-designed our fiberglass line of poles with the same logic and progression strategies used in our Recoil line. By focusing on load cell transitions, the Launch poles will have a smooth progression from bottom to top and a better blend into the carbon-based Recoil line. Athletes will also notice the same features that have made our Recoil line the most coveted pole on the market, such as lighter carry weight, smaller diameter, and an easier roll to vertical. Additionally, we have added a 10’6” length and increments of 5lbs to the entire Launch line of poles to help our young athletes better manage the high school weight requirements. The Launch poles are 100% fiberglass and will be available January 1, 2019.

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