Pawel Wojciechowski EPIC first week competing on ESSX Poles

One of the newest members of Team ESSX, Pawel Wojciechowski, just completed an impressive week of competition. The 2013 World Champion recently made the switch to ESSX and had four major performances:

May 25th - 5.56" (18'3) for 4th place at the Prefontaine Diamond League in Eugene, OR

May 29th - 5.75" (18'10)for 2nd place at the Bydgoszcz European Athletics Festivalin Poland

May 31st - 5.78" (18' 11" 3/4) for 2nd place at The Rome Diamond League meet

June 2nd - 5.81" (19' 1/2") his season's best in Sopot, Poland

UST-ESSX's own 2012 Olympian, Jeremy Scott commented on Pawel's recent week of competition:

When you look at any of the individual pieces of this week by themselves, any of it is pretty impressive. But when you factor in that the poles are still new to him, every meet he jumped higher, the small window for recovery between the meets, plus all of the travel - including Trans-Atlantic - you just know he is ready to go. I am really excited to have him on our team, because this just looks like he is setting up to have a big, big year.

We are proud to have Pawel as a new athlete on Team ESSX! You can continue to follow Pawel's progression and success by following him on Instagram @wojciechowski_p and all of TeamESSX @teamessx